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Kona Skatepark (Hawaii)

Member Park
Membership: $40/year
Cost: Members $4/day. Non-Members $8/day
Required: Helmets
Directions: Same building as Big Island Sk8's.

Submitted Online by: PJ
November 14, 1999

The park is located in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's in the old Ironman warehouse in the old industrial area. They have a functional street section with banks, quarter pipes, roll-in's and a 12 vert wall ramp. The other section has a 5ft mini-spine ramp with 6ft extensions.

The park was built by three surfer/skater dudes Jasin Shelfow, Steve Ward and Scott Simmons. Deron and I were just gophers with whatever labor they needed. Some of the local kids would come every so often and chip in. The park is independently run by the (West Hawaii Skateboarding Association).

Deron started the association in early January 1999. The State gave them hassles about a county park. He said Bullshit, were just gonna do it. Got $40g's from a skate mom in California cause her son complained about not having anywhere to skate when visiting Kona. Had a benefit contest July 4th 1999, started construction in September, I read it in the paper, went down to volunteer and with the help of many, Kona's got its park in November 1999.

Future plans are a little kiddie section with 3ft spine ramp. We are looking into building a Vert too.

vert wall

roll in

spine 1

spine 2

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