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Hickam Hangar
Singapore Skate Hangar

Member park
Phone: (808) 448-4422
Membership: $20/year
Cost: Members $3/day. Non-Members $5/day
Hours: Wed/Thur: 1-8pm, Fri: 2-10pm, Sat: 2-10pm, Sun: 12-5pm
Required: Helmet, Knee, and Elbow pads everywhere, including street.
Directions: Singapore Hangar located on the Hickam Air Force Base.


jarett bush

The Hickam Hangar made its debut back in 1986 with a plethora of little jump ramps and a memorable astro-turfed manual pad (which was most likely not meant for skating).

Throughout the years many obstacles have come and gone. But now, under the leadership of Mike Kays, more obstacles have been built within the past 3 years than the total 15 years that the park has been operating. The park now has the only permanent 12'x24' vert ramp in Oahu (though it's pretty kinked), a fairly large street course, and two perfect bowl ramps.

The Hickam Hangar does have a catch (besides the fact that now you must wear all your pads), the hangar is located on an Air Force Base, which requires a Military ID or Military Sponsor before entering the compound.

Jarrett Bush throws down huge madonnas on the new 12' vert ramp, as if he never took a 5+ year hiatus from skateboarding.

Adyl Diyani
Adyl Diyani stopped by, while
on vacation with Miss America?!!!

Chris Kays nose grinding across and
down a ledge in the street course.

12' Vert Ramp 24' wide rebuilt in 2000 - kinked in 2001.

street course under construction in 2002.

When he's not working, you can find Big B
on his his hill at the Original Bowl Ramp.

The Hickam Mini-Bowl completed in October 2002, is a great compliment to the Original Bowl Ramp.
With heights ranging from a 6' lower section, to an 8.5' extension with pool coping.

On the negative side, the full-pad rule sucks, if you're not military it may be a hastle to get on base, and the street course and vert ramp could use a little more work. But, if you like transitions, all of this can be overlooked, as this is the only place on the island where you can skate a ramp that's 12' high, and ride some of the best wooden bowl ramps in the world - seriously...

if you like ramps, otherwise loose a star.

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